May 2010

The Plan for 2010…


During the summer of 2008, while being frustrated by the design and configuration of the OpenVPN virtual private networking (VPN) project, and hearing constant complaints from others about their own continual annoyance and trouble with all existing VPN solutions, I began thinking about the need for a truly user-friendly, easy-to-use, and connectivity-robust private networking product to allow individuals and corporations to reliably connect back to “home base” anytime they are out and about.

During the balance of the year, as the outline of such a product began to take shape, I realized that no one had really yet done a VPN “right,” and that the GRC approach to bring a great deal of innovation to a VPN product. Early in 2009 I settled upon the name “CryptoLink” and GRC obtained trademark protection and “cryptolink” domains in all of the eight most important top-level domains, including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO and .US. Patent work began, and the first of three or four patents is now pending.

“Connectivity-robust” means that where all other existing VPN solutions fail to establish a connection, or cannot reliably hold onto connections, CryptoLink can succeed. And unlike other commercial solutions (like GotoMyPC, etc.) involving a 3rd-party who could be induced by court order to allow state (governmental) access to your systems, CryptoLink’s core design enforces a fundamental “TNO” – Trust No One – model. No known force on Earth will be able to compromise nor gain unauthorized to a CryptoLink connection.

And CryptoLink won’t be a “service model” where you “subscribe” and are billed monthly. (I hate those.) Instead, you purchase CryptoLink once for a reasonable price and you can use it forever, on as many systems as you personally and privately own. No “fees” – period. And no form of per-system “activation” (I hate that too).

So for all of those reasons (and many more that will be made clear over time) I am as excited as I could be about CryptoLink, and I’m beyond anxious to get its development underway. However, as I explained in the previous “2008 & 2009” posting, this 2010 year started with three significant GRC projects awaiting final documentation completion and public release. If I didn’t finish them first, all of the time and effort that went into them would be lost.

Also, since, once I get started, I plan to devote myself 100% to CryptoLink’s development, I also need to spend a bit of time working on GRC’s web site in just two areas before I abandon it during CryptoLink’s development:

First, with the “Security Now!” podcast heading into its 6th year, having every podcast we’ve ever produced (250 at the time of this writing) on a single web page has become ridiculous. (Actually, it’s been unwieldy for some time.) So I need to spend a little time reorganizing the Security Now! region of the website.

Secondly, we are fortunate and honored to receive a more or less continuous stream of SpinRite testimonial success stories from often-amazed SpinRite owners. I can’t think of any better way to communicate SpinRite’s potential to recover endangered or lost data than to share those true stories with potential buyers who are trying to decide. But we don’t currently have any means for keeping up to date with new testimonial submissions, nor really any place for them to be sent or posted. So I also need to spend a bit of time over on the SpinRite marketing side before I switch over to pure CryptoLink development.

At the time of this posting, the DNS Benchmark utility has been completed for some time and its documentation has all been authored. It only awaits my proofreading then final proofing by the terrific volunteers in GRC’s great newsgroups. After that, the documentation for the DNS Spoofability system will be completed and it will be made public along with the Benchmark. And after that, the web browser cookie monitoring and forensics system will documented and made public. Then I only need to bring the Security Now! page into the 21st century and get the SpinRite testimonials under control…

Then… I’ll finally be caught up, have the GRC decks cleared, and be able to knuckle down and plow into writing the code for CryptoLink… which is really what I want to be doing because I believe so much in the importance of this next product.

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And thank you so much for your interest and support of GRC and of my efforts here.
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107 Responses to May 2010

  1. Al says:

    I have been waiting for CryptoLink ever since I got hack at a Starbucks and you mentioned it on SN. Can’t wait.

    • BillB says:

      Less tweets, more code!

      I’ve almost lost a couple clients waiting for CryptoLink because I don’t want to put them deep into anything else.

      • Justin Swall says:

        Technology is always moving. As “techies” there is a part of us that dies inside setting up a client on an existing technology when we know there is a better technology around the corner. Often we suck as businessmen however as we neglect to realize that often business needs for a solution that works well enough today can result in more efficiency and profitability in the short turn than waiting for the better solution in the long run. And that short term gain in efficiency and profitability will not only pay for the existing technology, but for the upgrade to the better technology once it’s available.

        In short, don’t feel guilty for selling a client a product that does the same thing twice *if* it makes good business sense. Selling a VPN solution today doesn’t preclude upgrading the client to CryptoLink in the future. If it’s value proposition is there, the client won’t bat an eye at the upgrade and in the mean time they have a solution that at least works “well enough” albeit overly complicated:)

    • Christopher says:

      Steve, I’m a big fan and really, I look forward to reading your blogs.. but… black on dark blue/red?

      Just saying😛

      • Dave Taylor says:

        Black on dark blue is really small part of the problem in regard to all kinds of cute websites who think that it is cool to use grey text on a white background & other equally bizzare color combinations.How are these morons supposed to get their message across if people cant read it because of lack of contrast.If i cant read it then its-see ya.

    • The Captain says:

      I just cant wait Steve – you rock – ill build a star bucks down under just to use it !!!

    • TOR works at all starbucks I’ve used.

  2. Congratulations on your blog, I will be reading it often.

  3. Brian Hall says:

    Woo hoo! Can’t wait for CryptoLink…been toiling with OpenVPN for years, and I can’t wait for a solid, easy-to-use VPN product!

  4. Congratulations on your new blogs and Twitter accounts! Blogs design very clean and modern looking, enjoying all your tweets and blog postings! Enjoying reading all this on my iPad! I’m sure this is going to work out great for you!

  5. Pencique says:

    Congratulations on your blog. Really enjoy Security Now!

  6. PCFreak says:

    OpenVPN works great for me but might be some kind of complicated for a normal user. I am very interested in your product. Nice personal and company blog. I added your Feeds to my favourite reader. – Keep on with the good work!

  7. Thank you Steve for your dedication to the products you created to deal with the DNS issues and Cryptolink.

    Waiting with baited breath.

  8. Thank you Steve for your dedication to complete the three remaining tools. Waiting for CryptoLink with baited breath.

  9. Jim Perla says:

    Thank you so much for the outstanding work, especially Security Now. I have always respected your expertise combined with a willingness to inform. At the first opportunity, I will purchase SpinRite and support the best source of INTERNET security on the web. My longtime dream is to become a part of the cyber-security community. Other than are there other sources for the tools needed and alerts of the many threats you would recommend? Thanks again to you and Leo, people we can trust. Jim

  10. craig speed says:

    I just found your website by accident and used it to plug some holes I had in my computer.Actually, I have Norton 360 for security and it passed all your tests for ports and stealth and file sharing but I had to do the UpnU I think to plug it. I have windows 7 and run IE 8 on it so microsoft has done a much better job of plugging vulnerabilities or Norton is doing very well.I wanted to register for your e-mail but found this ….boo-hoo

  11. craig speed says:

    It’s creig with an e

  12. creig speed says:

    I really admire your work and I am glad someone is looking out for us I tried TOR project but it did’nt make sense to me and I felt naked out there.

    • Dave Taylor says:

      You feel naked out there? Hey dude I’m using Tails right now so you don’t feel naked out there.Tails is a Tor project that is a complete OS which is live CD only & cannot be installed.Tails uses RAM only & your Hard Drive is disabled.This is not going to cost you anything to try it.

  13. Universal says:

    cool steve

  14. Magnus says:

    Portable Dog killer, Vitamin D, PDP8 lookalikes, Super Capacitors (Dr Meecham), DNS benchmark, Computers from the Gates upwards, AND Cryptolink.. Is there no end to your interests?

    Thanks Steve, for 5 years of SN, amazing it’s been that long..

  15. Hessiess says:

    Hi Steve, thanks a lot for the excellent podcast and starting the blogs. The stories of your childhood, including the portable dog killer remind me of myself.

    Have you considered out-sourcing the re-development of the Security Now page to the pod casts community? I am sure that there would be many members willing to volunteer to help with it.

    As I am sure you know, static websites are an absolute nightmare to maintain, are you using some kind of CMS for that portion of the website?

    • Steve Pinkham says:

      Static site generators are the way static sites are done now.
      See nanoc, webby, webgen, hyde, etc.
      The trick is they manage all the links, templates, and whatever you want to program in offline ahead of time, then you end up with static files. To easily update the files on the webserver, use something like rsync, unison, capistrano, or even git or hg.

      This is a good discussion at stack overflow of some of the ones out there. Nanoc is my personal favorite.

  16. Jon says:


    Great Blog, CryptoLink I am looking forward to something easy to use, as for SpinRite I am a “consumer” I purchased SpinRite 5.0 and when 6.0 came out I bought that also. It is so refreshing to have a “Straight Shooter”



  17. JK says:

    We await CryptoLink eagerly Steve. All current VPN solutions are much too frustrating. Your distribution model is right on the money as well!

  18. Dan T. says:

    Steve, When I was a young dbms programmer, It seemed like a good idea to buy Spinrite. So, I bought v1 in 1987. Back then, I never had a hard drive go belly-up. I loved watching Spinrite work. I think I ran it about once per week. Now I have v6. I have had some drives go south (TiVo, & a new PC), and there hasn’t been one that Spinrite didn’t fix. Very cool utility!

    As for CryptoLink, I, like so many other folks, are waiting with bated breath. Given your stellar talent, which has been proven again, & again, I know CryptoLink will be a huge success. As soon as it hits the market, you’ve got my $$$. If you’re going to take pre-orders, I’m in. Thanks for all of that GRC goodness!

  19. Max G. says:

    Any news about NetFilter?

  20. lalalaa says:

    >>Early in 2009 I settled upon the name “CryptoLink”

    CryptoLink was mentioned in episode 126 in January 2008. Many of the CryptoLink domains were registered end of July 2007. Trademark for CryptoLink was filed in July 2007.

  21. Lee says:

    Steve and GRC Labs Folks,

    Good day to all! Regarding the Adobe Flash problem. We always remove all old copies of flash before install a new copy of flash. The Adobe Flash Removal Tool and instructions can be found here at the Adobe website…

    Or if you prefer use and search for “Adobe Flash Removal Tool”. Sorry we resist using Google over privacy concerns just like Leo dropped Facebook over the same issues.

    We have Spinrite 6.0 running on a drive of my sisters now on 850+ hours trying to save a batch of pictures. We have been using Spinrite since ver. 1.0 on the grey 5.25′ floppy that we keep for our old IBM XT and AT DOS machines we keep running for fun. Great program Steve!

    However we notice that you are changing over to Twitter to notify of new stuff. Please do not leave us behind! We do not Twitter, we do not Tweet, we do not text, never on MySpace, never on Facebook so could you please start a new e-mail list server for us “Fuddy Duds” that do not want the social media crap? We use our cell phones for calls and maybe a picture now and then, not Twittering the day away.

    We wonder why the phones are called “Smart Phones” when someone tries to e-mail, sms or tweet our cell phone with blocked data service, they do not get a “Message Not Delivered” notice that we do not get their message?

    We await “CryptoLink” for our laptops!

    Thank you for your great products, show and tech advice on KFI Los Angeles,


    • Lee says:

      Sorry, the links did not show, second attempt…

      The Adobe Flash Removal Tool and instructions can be found here at the Adobe website…

      Or if you prefer use and search for “Adobe Flash Removal Tool”.

      • Dave Taylor says:

        You don’t have to remove Flash but just control what Flash does.If you remove Flash then you will not be able to watch many PBS & other videos.Flash is a very insidious and dangerous program(Thanks Adobe).Use Better Privacy in Firefox or right click on the video to acess the hidden control panel to remove the Local Stored Objects( LSO’s) or Super Cookies or Flash Cookies that you don’t know that you have.

    • Brandon Champion says:

      If you don’t like Twitter or RSS of Twitter feeds or this blog, you can still subscribe to email updates of Steve’s and GRC’s blogs. Look up on the top right side of the page.

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  23. craig speed says:

    I just joined your blog and read about the Crypto-link. Please hurry and finish it so I can stop having to go over to my friends or mother’s house to fix their computers. The technical phone calls are enough to make anyone want to , well do something they would later regret, NO CLIK THE START BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAHHHHHH., I’m sure you know what I mean. I would get that in a second.

  24. Dan says:

    Can’t wait for CryptoLink!! Spinrite rules! Thanks for all the great information we get from the Security Now podcasts, great stuff, keep it up!

  25. lither212 says:

    I think the most that Mr.Gibson need is time and take care for your health too Mr.Security now.You’re the best ….

  26. Mike says:

    Hey Gibby,

    Are you sure your applied for the patents in the US? There are no records of your patent applications in the public databases, can you please provide a link? I don’t want to call you misinformed, but history cannot be ignored.


    • Karl Hungus says:

      Whaught r u sum kind of lawyer? The only one who has misinformed is you “Mike”, if that is your real name?

      • Mike says:

        I am about as much a lawyer as you are a linguist. The only thing I possess that you don’t is critical thinking, common sense, and built-in spell checking.

        • John B. says:

          Mike, I searched as well and couldn’t find a patent application or patent…

          – Applications:
          – Patents:

          …however, did you know that people or organizations who file patent applications can request that their application not be publicly published.

          This means that his patent application would not searchable. If Steve elected for this option, which I’m sure he probably did, then his patent for CryptoLink related technology would not be public until the patent is awarded to him, which can take up to multiple years.

          More info on nonpublication requests…


          …Also, since it seems Steve submitted his first patent application early this year, it could also simply be a lag in processing of US PTO records by the government agency.


  27. Karl Hungus says:

    I am just saying you should not question Mr. Gibson he is expert.

  28. Jackie Treehorn says:

    Steve’s alluded to many many patents over the years, yet there’s absolutely no evidence of a single application or approval.

    One example is the intro from Steve in the manual for Spinrite 5, which came out a decade ago (

    “In order to achieve these new goals we had to invent whole new technologies for device probing, surface analysis, and data recovery. The resulting product incorporates many new inventions with U.S. and foreign patents pending.”

    These certainly aren’t simply USPTO “lag”. It would appear that all of these patents are either completely fabricated, or not a single one warranted an issued patent, despite Steve’s persistent claims that the USPTO hands out patents to anyone.

    All the way back to Spinrite 3 he claims there are tons of patents just waiting to appear. (

    A Word About Patents and SpinRite
    We are, like many software developers, philosophically opposed to the U.S. patent system’s too-liberal granting of software intellectual property rights. We feel that what is being called an “invention” is often little more than clever engineering, and as a result innovation is being stifled rather than promoted. However, as a small software publisher in a land of software giants, we would be foolish to give up the same protection for our software that everyone else is attaining. In a climate which condones (and increasingly expects) “reverse engineering,” securing patent protection could easily separate the survivors from the dead benefactors. Since many of the new and completely unique technologies that were developed for SpinRite 3 easily qualify as “inventions” within the current definition, we are actively pursuing all means of securing rights in the intellectual property we have created. Much of what is disclosed within these pages is the subject of extensive ongoing patent acquisition.

    Where are all these inventions?

    • Dave Taylor says:

      So what? Steve is a very smart guy & knows that SpinRite only applies to mechanical drives which are obsolete.There is no future for SpinRite or any other technology because they don’t work on modern SSD drives.

  29. Peter J says:

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication to making us safer on the net. I’ve been waiting for CryptoLink ever since you announced it on SecurityNow. And I’m still waiting patiently….:) Keep up the great work!

  30. craig speed says:

    Hey Steve
    I know you are a busy man with many demands on your life. Please, I am, we are begging you to please release crypto-link. Thank you……………….creig

    • Karl Hungus says:

      I can agree with creig that we all benefit when crypto-link is release. I like to enjoy using it very soon!!!!

  31. Doug says:

    Please – make this OS agnostic and support mac’s as well as windows!

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  33. Phet Phuthorn says:

    Have just signed up to the corporate blog. Sorry to say that the color combinations of background color and text font have prevented me from reading very little of the blog. The blog seems to be a very wide one with the welcome logo on the left (very legible) and blog content on the far right (need to scroll over to see it — and this is where the color problem occurs. How do I get around this? I fear also that I’ll not be able to read anyone’s comments due to the weird color combination of background and text. But I thought at least that I should make this anomaly known to the powers that be. Hopefully some reply can reach me via my given email address.

    Phet Phuthorn in Thailand

  34. Doug says:

    Good god, I think the federal govt gets crap done faster than steve does. He’s been fluffing us all up for far too long about this vaporware. Come on dude…..stop talking about it and just do it. Plenty of people who are willing to pay you very well for a product. But you won’t see a nickle until you get it done. And who knows, maybe something will come along in the meantime while you pussyfoot around.

    …just sayin’.

    • Karl Hungus says:

      It takes him so long because he is busy being expert. Are you expert?

    • Dave Taylor says:

      One the biggest industries in America is legal.The costs,including litigation are estimated to be be between 1/3 & 1/2 trillion.America is the most litigeous society in history.If you don’t do things according to the law of the land then your stuff will be ripped off.This also begs the question.You actually think that the Gov gets crap done faster than Steve who is almost by himself? There are hundreds of thousands of idiots in Gov who can’t get any.crap done.

  35. Louis says:

    Steve, keep up the great work. Over the past two years I have learned so much from your “Security Now!” with Leo Laporte. Can’t wait for Cryptolink, and have used many of your free tools over the years. Anyone that has listened to you knows that you do not rush things. You don’t “jump” on the newest version of anything until time has tested it anywhere from browsers to operating systems. That your logic is methodical,analytical, and you think of nearly every possible that could go wrong with software before you use it or sell it. You are also smart enough to dismiss the “troll’s” negativity. These are the same people who get their noses bent out of shape when they think they’ve been ripped-off by a FREE iphone app or any freeware that’s available on the net when they haven’t shelled out a penny for it. Keep up the great work!

  36. Patrick Quarterman says:

    Just a push for a SpinRite update to bypass using BIOS. I have recently had need to check the drives on 3 laptops and all will not work with SpinRite 6. I get that nasty message about SpinRite being unable to reliably work on this system after it fails to select the drive.
    I hate to have to give up using SpinRite and I would pay for an updated version if it would bypass this problem and work.

  37. bob morgan says:

    how in the world does one get ahold of GRC tech support ? I have been pouring over their website and cant find one link to send an email to support – I bought spinrite to fix my laptops drive and it doesn;t work. I cant get to forums from work – 1 email please – anybody – feel like i just got shammed out of 90 bucks… thinking i shoulda just bought a new drive… at least then i would have some semblence of support

    • Mark says:

      send email to
      It took me a while to find it as well! Reply to my query was quick though, once I found where to send it.

    • Dave Taylor says:

      Steve no longer has the staff that he used to have because of costs & there was no way to contact him which can be overwhelming for a few people to handle.This blog was a great idea so he can read it at his leisure without being dunned by constant emails..

  38. arti T says:

    Been a fan for years Steve, keep up the good work, lose the harsh dark colors, make it easy on the eyes ok? Looking forward to Cryptolink. Spinrite is cool, but your on your own…

  39. Calista Ko says:

    Came across your web site via google the other day and absolutely adore it. Keep up this fantastic work.

  40. Nikki Smith says:

    Those asking about support e-mail address it is easily located at the bottom of the support page and is How could you NOT locate it after “pouring” over every page?

  41. Dr. Seuss says:

    Don’t know about Spinrite, but here’s the link to the Trademark for Cryptolink:

    Quit hatin’ on Steve he’s a busy man.

    – Dr. Seuss

  42. Alex C says:

    I would be more than happy to help with Mac port / implementation …

  43. Frank says:

    I am subscribing to the RSS feed, a GRC blog is much appreciated. I still like Usenet but I find blogs a big time saver because you don’t have to deal with trolling posts that waste your time.

    I think you are right on the money with Cryptolink, the trust nobody motto is what everyone who cares about privacy should write on their front door, right now only browsing the net with tor can protect your privacy with a guarantee that even if something is compromised you are still safe, so I am certainly puzzled trying to work out how Cryptolink will match that level of privacy. I guess I will not have to wait much longer to find out…

    Best of luck with it.

    • Dave Taylor says:

      Frank: I love Steve like a brother & I hope the hell he is going in the right direction & can make a living at it.Tor is already obsolete.If you go to & download Tails you will be even more protected.Tails is a Tor project which is a Debian OS on a live CD that cannot be installed.Tails uses RAM only & the hard drive is isolated which means that nothing can be wriitten to either the HD or the CDR.When you shut down properly it will wipe the RAM which means that absolutely nothing is saved anywhere.

  44. Pacho says:

    I can’t wait for your product to hit the market. While the news for such product are appreciated, I can’t help but wonder whether it has something to do with removing (or, perhaps, never publishing) the most important pages on OpenVPN setup on your official website (

    When I started reading the series, I didn’t pay attention to the dead links in the bottom TOC, which led to great disappointment when the guide ended when it was just about to begin.

    I wish you find the resources for developing the product referred in this post and apologize for diverting from the main subject.

    • I had exactly same though. I was anxious to start installing the GRC way and then…?!?!?!

      Did the missing pages exist at one time and were pulled?

      While I have programming skills and experience w/ UNIX/Linux systems, I am not a network architect. Nor an IT guru. However, I do have a need for a [relatively] simple OpenVPN solution for connecting to my work PC situated behind a firewall.

      I am still looking for a reasonably reliable VPN solution to satisfy this need. Thought I had it…!


  45. Ziffel says:

    I like the T-N-O comment. Good luck with the project. :0)

  46. Paul says:

    Most people want an easy way to coordinate several PC’s, now that many have netbooks and secondary laptops. So efficient backup, sync and updating on all files is the only really necessary networking. Add to that some limited need to take over another computer (less so as printers become remotely usable e.g. eprint from HP.)

    Hopefully, your program will solve these issues for me and others. Let me know. And appreciate all your great work.

  47. sp zimmerman says:

    what are your thoughts on the wikileaks issue?

  48. mike barrett says:

    As a Spinrite advocate I can hardly wait for Cryptolink.

    Keep up the great work, Steve

  49. Joep says:

    how about … a manual?

  50. Joep says:

    for spinrite

  51. db says:

    Long time Spinrite user, still waiting for a version 6.0 update that is newer than 2006. I agree with the previous posting that reconfiguring your BIOS to legacy IDE mode each time you want to run Spinrite, and then reconfiguring them back is tedious. I would gladly pay for an update.

    I look forward to your new work in the security area, but am disheartened that the great Spinrite program has not been updated since 2006. Perhaps the demand is insufficient to fund the ongoing development effort.

    I would also suggest that you could post some new information at the grc web site that indicated that Spinrite is not under active maintenance.


    Dave B

  52. Leo says:

    Gibby, since there is no sign of crypto link, what did you actually do in 2011?

    Thanks in advance!

    Your pal, Leo

    • Karl Hungus says:

      What you do past year Leo? How you can question “Gibby” (Dr. Gibson for showing respect!!) ? He is expert and I can hardly think the same for to you!!

      Your pal, Kral

  53. Steve says:

    SPINRITE 6.1 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. John says:

    I guess it would be nice if Spinrite worked on my 3 TB drive, but I might not live long enough for it to finish.

  55. Nina says:

    Great that you got a blog!
    After trying several of your apps, and thanks to your site taking the initiative to educate myself on firewalls and security (this was back in the day when ZoneAlarm was conceived), I decided to spring for Spinrite 6.

    Fast forward a couple of years, hubby’s aging PC was on its death bed. It absolutely would not boot, not even Knoppix Linux could contact it. I put spinrite in the CD Rom and left it overnight, and the thing stayed stable for us! 866 BAD sectors and it ground away long enough for us to lift all the data off it!

    Thank you Steve!

    Now I have a request. These days am looking for a good clone / backup utility for the Windows box, and there seems to be none. You couldn’t build one, could you?

  56. daniel says:


    I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I’ve purchased and used spinrite and been the beneficiary of your many free services. I just want to say thanks. You are awesome. Thanks for being great and what you do and so, so generous with your skills and knowledge.


  57. “No known force on Earth will be able to compromise nor gain unauthorized [ACCESS] to a CryptoLink connection.”

    Steve – are we missing the word ACCESS in the above line? Thanks, always!

  58. Peter says:

    Steve, I haven’t seen any updates on CryptoLink for over a year. I would love to purchase your product for my customer base. As a former programmer, I know that many times a development timetable has to be extended because of external issues, but an update on the progress of CryptoLink situation would be greatly appreciated.

  59. DB says:

    It’s nearly the end of 2011 and there hasn’t come a product out of your shop for YEARS. No updates, NOTHING! ..except talk. Spinrite has been abandoned since 2006, your security products are vaporware, and Cryptolink is non-existent since 2008, that’s 3 years.
    Even this blog hasn’t had a update from you since May 2010 (it’s Oct 30,2011 already).
    Steve, I’ve known you since 1980’s, bought your products since they ever first came out and we’ve chatted thru email and BBS’s back in the day, but geez, the last 6 years I’ve come to see that you’ve become scatter brained, chasing every perceived internet related problem, doing a whole lot of talking but producing NOTHING. Spinrite was your last paid project.
    Could you do us, your paying (expectant) customers a favor, and concentrate on and finish just one teeny tiny project?
    Don’t feel bad if you just can’t get it together anymore, but let us all know, okay?

    Dave B

  60. Jak says:

    Can I trust Spinrite… it’s my first time. Ihave Windows 7 64 bits….I ned to retrieve data from my external Hard drive.

  61. cmling says:

    I would be very happy if SpinRite 6.1 could be released one of these days.

  62. Whelan says:

    Ugh I found my way here after googling for information on the latest error message that Spinrite has produced to alert me to the same old story – it doesn’t like the hardware.

    For years I’ve been keeping an old machine or two laying around specifically for Spinrite use, (since the chances of it running happily on the system with the problematic drive seem to be slim to none these days) but as these old boxes die due to other age related issues, it’s getting harder and harder to find reliable components that Spinrite will work with. Even ignoring the YEARS of references to version 6.1 we’ve been hearing about, now with the advent of solid state drives, I fear that if Steve wasn’t sufficiently motivated to follow through with this update in years past, it’s unlikely to happen now.

    I love your work Steve, (and have done for over 20 years) but as another poster noted above, from an outsider’s perspective you really do appear to be all over the map with projects and diversions these days. I mean portable sonic weapons? really?? I won’t even ask what became of the Skype-ish alternative project that was going to be written in assembler – I don’t think that one even made it to vaporware status.

    Better go now – I have to trawl through the local dump to find something usable with Spinrite. Sigh

  63. Steve OldAge is evil but you have the perfect voice for radio says:

    Poor Stevey is just getting old, leave him alone. When you get to be 65, you will spend all your time talking about the old days and sitting around in starbucks too. Cryptolink is dead.
    Spinrite is almost obsolete, and Steve probably forgot how to code, its not easy you know, Also Assembly Language is like using Fortran in a world of Visual Studio and Appmakr, Peace Steve, it was fun while it lasted, why dont you just hire an assistant to do cryptolink for you.

  64. Gary Chernipeski says:

    Re: Spinrite errors on newer machines.

    Turns out a lot of the time it is the fact of booting from optical drive. Since putting SR on bootable flash I rarely get any kind of SR fail.

    • Yeesh says:

      “Turns out a lot of the time it is the fact of booting from optical drive. Since putting SR on bootable flash I rarely get any kind of SR fail.”

      It’s gaining useful and unfettered access to the hard drive in question that people are having trouble with, not the medium Spinrite is installed on or its method of execution. If you read the document around here somewhere referring to the mythical v6.1 you’ll see this was the major point it was allegedly going to address all those years ago.

  65. Jack says:

    I heard you mention cryptolink again on podcast 390. When I googled the name I found a lot of people are already using that name.
    When are you going to do this as I have been waiting for it since you first mentioned it.
    Love your podcast. Been listening since the beginning.

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  70. unnamed says:

    wow! super!

  71. Jim says:

    Steve, I have a tablet running Windows 8.1. I cannot, for the life of me, get Spinrite 6.0 to work on it. It simply rejects FreeDOS, or any DOS-based booting. Do you have any ideas for using Spinrite 6.0 as it currently is?

    • Five years+ and tired of waiting says:

      Oh Jim I don’t envy you. If you google around you’ll see that people have been struggling to find PC hardware acceptable to spinrite for a long time and it’s getting worse. To successfully use it on a tablet seems highly ambitious.

      While googling you might notice that spinrite 6.1 has been the offered “solution” for a long long time, yet to date it hasn’t evolved beyond talk. Don’t get me wrong, I like Steve but unfortunately he’s more talker than do-er, so if you listen to Security Now you’ll be constantly hearing sanitised Spinrite testimonials that bely the true usefulness of the product, along with talk of upcoming projects that may or may not actually eventuate.

      I think part of the problem is the name of this site – Gibson Research Corporation, which gives the casual reader the false impression that he’s dealing with a commercial and professional organization. Personally I think we would all be better off if it were called “Steve’s Hobbyist Page” so that no-one gets the wrong idea about the intent of the page or is upset if the owner is suddenly distracted tomorrow by the next shiny object that comes along.

    • dmounsey says:

      I have had the same problem – see my post at the bottom

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  75. DM says:

    What ever happened to SpinRite 6.1 / 7 development?
    I’ve had cause to try to use it unsucessfully on some recent systems due to low-level hardware incompatibilities,,,,, its a pitty, since it was a great product when I bought it originally back in 2004

  76. Gilbert Helland says:


    This is way beyond what should be expected of a user who is trying to get Spinrite to work. I would like my money back.


    —–Original Message—–
    From: GRC Tech Support []
    Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015 10:05 PM
    To: Gilbert
    Subject: SpinRite – Discovering Mass Storage Devices (SATA)

    In your motherboard BIOS, you may find a way to switch your SATA knowledgeable motherboard to something called “Legacy IDE” or “Legacy Operation” or “Compatibility Mode” or even simply “ATA” or “IDE”.

    Various BIOSes call it different things, but the idea is that the SATA controllers are made to appear as standard, traditional IDE ATA drives.

    You *will* find that WHILE the motherboard is set in this fashion, the “compatible” SATA drive will *replace* one or the other of your IDE ports, so SpinRite won’t “see” the drives on those at all. Therefore you will want to restore your motherboard to its regular SATA setting once you’re done running SpinRite on your SATA drives.

    Also, GRC and Steve have Twitter accounts and Blogs that can be easily subscribed to in order to receive periodic news and updates. Please see our page for all the details.

    Thank you for your cooperation, time and patience.


    Greg McIntyre
    Gibson Research
    Technical Support

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